Sometimes its just best to bite your tongue

I’ve often heard, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. As I age I find that to be so true. The power of words is undoubtably one of the most awesome super powers we all possess. We have the power single handedly to break a heart, destroy confidence, crush hope and so on. But we also have the power to lift a soul, open opportunities, build self esteem, and empower!! So the next time you open your mouth, think about your choice of words and even if they’re necessary at all. I have long been a sufferer of the verbal shits, I just don’t know when to shut up, and it has caused lots of situations I wish I could undo. So I speak from personal experience. Don’t always put it all out there. Many thoughts are best kept to yourself. I have learned this lesson, I just havent mastered it. But I keep working on it. What’s something you’ve said you wish you didnt? And it really is true: Silence is Golden! Peace.



Your eye sight isnt the only thing you lose at 50

I’ve always had visual problems, started wearing glasses at 5 or 6. Started hiding glasses in backpack on the way to the bus stop at age 8 or 9. The years have not been a friend to my eyes. A restaurant menu in a romantically dim lit corner table has become a juggling act of madness!! But thats not the worst of it, that “romantic” restaurant, once foreplay with a good glass of Merlot has become a sleeping pill. Noone ever told me that menoPAUSE meant Pause the sex life, my sex drive? Wth. I guess I shouldve read more, been more prepared. Or had more sex earlier on? I dont know, I just hope this isnt a permanent trend. They say when youre pregnant your sex drive increases, its like a trade-off for the other misery. Bloating fat ankles aching hanging breasts growing width. So it only seems fair the same or similar tradeoff should accompany menopause. I guess the Heavens that be see the tradeoff as no more monthly cycle or PMS, but that shit aint fair. I want my old body back! Non-emphasis on OLD. I dont know, but apparently someone hasnt watched enough Oprah, the View or the Talk. How about a show Get a Clue, then I mightve known what was coming (or not). Peace!


The world’s smallest swimming pool


I’ve had a busy and strange few days so I havent blogged. Tonight I’m tired so I’ll keep this post short. I’m laying her watching one of my fav guilty pleasures BB14 and thinking how nice it was for my little sister to take my great niece/godchild for several days of ridiculous fun while her mom recovered from a surgical procedure. You’re a special lady BLH – and I love you very much. You’re great with kids & people, even though like me you view yourself as more of a quiet loner. Here’s to sunny days free of worry and a cool place to soak your feet. Simple pleasures. Peace

Have I cursed the sun? Are the streets safe?

I bought a convertible for myself when I turned fifty. Is wasnt a middle-age crisis, it was just something I once had (x 2) and something I missed. It’s how I’ve decided to live fifty. I’m not going to deprive myself of things I enjoy. Im not going to be stupid or reckless, but I am going to live happier, for me. So then why since I’ve bought this car has it been garaged? I’ll tell you, because it hasnt stopped raining for what feels like weeks. Yesterday I had the day off from work, but roads were flooded and I was stuck in the house watching the pouring rain. Listening to the News this morning however, and hearing of some pervert driving around Port St Lucie following kids getting off school buses and fondling his genitals and exposing himself to little girls. Geez–maybe its safer to stay inside, protected from the crazy evils of this world. With hundreds of craiglist whores, glory holes and fort pierce prostitutes isnt there someone else besides little kids who can fulfill your fantasies? Im not sure what this world is coming to, but as soon as the sun begins to shine I’ll be out tooling about enjoying every moment of it, so perverts take fore warning, Im a middle aged woman who has had her fill of idiots, its my year, so unless you want tire tracks on your ass, stay away from the kids and go find something else to fill your void. Cuz I aint against screwing with your shit, if your shit crosses my path. I’ve got many innocent young nieces, nephews and great nieces, and fifty just might be the year I take the law into my own hands!! From a nice sporty convertible nonetheless. Note to self: darken windows!!

I love green grass

Well ISAAC didnt turn out to be much but it did give us some much needed rain. I love it when all the flowers and trees are so vibrant and alive. Its one thing I do like about Florida, you dont experience such amazing beauty like Fall foilage in New England just to watch everything die and turn dismal. So thanks Isaac for the rain and reminding us all to keep on our toes. Also thrilled we kept the rain down south since I’ve got friends cruising Lake Champlain on a 39 foot sailboat celebrating a 50th birthday and had family hiking and others enjoying the Champlain Valley Fair, a childhood Fav of mine!! I’m lucky to have the day off today, so gonna enjoy the rainy day in true “Sharon” fashion. Peace!!


Its been a long day


Storm kept dogs up all night, so tired all day, but had a really nice balanced and nice day. Biggest delight was an unexpected visit to a sweet woman who opens her heart and home. The true beauty in life isnt the beautiful sunsets, but the sun inside each of us and those days when we’re fortunate enough to share it with others. I would love nothing more than to see everyone happy and comfortable. So much pain in the world, we need to simplify things and dominate only a few very special things in our worlds. It will make your life easier. Control what you can and enjoy that control, but let the rest of life just happen. And above all — have fun!! And sleep when youre tired and quit before youre fired. Not to mention the sushi tonight was delicious and a change from the standard fare. And my wife despite being on call had what we refer to as an Idiot Free Nite! Peace.


Today’s gonna be a good day – sometimes you can tell right from the beginning

Last night I went to my friends’ house and despite the run in with her dog, we successfully put together the first piece of baby furniture (some say the shittiest piece – the changing table) but to me its one of the best, its where so much face-to-face bonding takes place, the giggles, the raspberry kisses to the belly, just precious). I was honored to be a part of the room’s development. So that was the first good thing. Second I make a cup of Kruieg coffee this morning leaving the cup dripping w-o putting the cup underneath ( to go into garage & get creamer) and return in the nick of time that the bottom catch bin caught the coffee so I dont have coffee dripping all down my counter and floor! Then I let the perfect amount of water out of the pool w/o one kink in the hose & and despite its pouring & I got soaked, its right in the midst of a hot flash so its actually refreshing! And its not even 8am. Peace! Have a great day everyone!!