Selfish acts

As the Nation turns to support the great City of Boston, we are once again reminded, more often than I care to be reminded that the world is full of selfish people pursuing their own motives and agendas. It sickens me that people preach faith through violence. As human beings we possess a unique and beautiful quality in us to be selfless, to sacrifice, and to accept, understand, respect and love one another.

Rather so many people run their own agendas, pursue their own motives, for little regard for others or for the greater good. We are nothing but for our actions. Beliefs are pointless it they are absent sympathy and acceptance of the beliefs (and opinions) of others.

I’m certainly not going to jump on a soapbox, Lord knows I have faults. That being said, I am a person of love and not violence. I understand that my feelings arent always the thing of most importance, I know sacrifice is something beautiful and noble. I respect others and the differences in our thoughts, ideals, pursuits. I wish more of the world felt the same.

Whether its a foreign enemy of mass destruction, a disgruntled worker armed and dangerous, a corporate giant stepping on the successes of small local businesses, a mad leader with nuclear power, an angry child taking revenge, hate and greed and power seekers without regard for humanity surround our world. It isnt just events like Boston that demonstrate these facts every week, every day. It fills me with profound saddness for humanity.

It reminds me to be a better person, a kinder person, a more patient and loving person. If each one of us were to truly sacrifice just a little deeper, we could change our world. No one of us can change the entire world, but collectively we can change our lives and the dominio effect would extend outward.

Peace and love.



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