Do you find yourself caught up in mindless games? I do. And my latest Hell is Candy Crush an iPhone APP. Funny how 10 years ago we’d raise our eyebrows at the concept of APPs. Today we cant get enough. We want our minds constantly stimulated, but stimulated with nonsense. Our eyes pinned to a 5 inch screen, our fingers plucking away at digitized keys. iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iWatch. I, me, mine so typical of our society today. Today the thing I love are the things that are mine, my personal devices, the toys that mindlessly stimulate me. Thank you for breaking the boredom and taking my mind on a mini-vacation thru each grueling level. I want to conduct an experiment in which no electronics be used for 72 hours, no radio, tv, phone, computer. Who is willing to partake in such an experiment? Lets really give our minds and consequently our fingers, wrists and eyes the vacation they truly deserve. Peace.



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