Baby showers, more than just a pile of gifts

Its amazing how people can come together when its for something they all love and respect; the precious treasure of a new life. Amongst all the different personalties, there is common ground. And its nice to know that its the genuine kindness in people that allows this human element to shine through. I was delighted to be part of a baby shower today where differences were set aside and the shy shined, and smiles drowned out all frowns, and for one day, everything was perfect.

I have enjoyed building friendships in Florida and have begun to feel at home here. I am feeling loved and I love. I love the bonds, the laughter, the common interests, and sharing and caring about one another. I’ve found many people here in Florida that have forever changed my life. Those like sisters to me, best of friends, a greek mom I’m blessed to call my wife’s husband, and truly great people who I grow to care about more every day.

As my friends approach parenthood My wish is for them to teach their son love, compassion, forgiveness and honor. That he’s not afraid to cry, that he’s not afraid to color outside the lines, and that his heart is open to all people, in the spirit of brotherhood, cuz afterall we really are all in this together as one. The world is as small as it is large. And its each one of these relationships that shows me the greatness in diversity and how absolutely amazing the rainbow really is; Im proud to be a part of it. One color, one ray at a time – we all make a difference.

I havent blogged in a while, because once again I let time run away from me. Today reminded me to stop and enjoy the moments, the ridiculously outrageous ones and the quiet ones when we share our thoughts with one another (or the world). Happy Holidays everyone. Last week was my godchild’s 2nd birthday ( shout out Analise ), today is my godchild’s 4th birthday ( shout out Nicolas ) and yesterday was my nephew’s 18th birthday ( shout out Justin ), and next year it’ll be in newest nephew Micah’s birthday, so very much to celebrate and be thankful for, good health is a huge one. As at the same time Im reminded of another friend who grieves over a rapidly approaching Christmas without a little hand to hold, and I’m forced to believe its the angels like sweet Maddie who watch over us all, making sure we see the blessings in a day like today. That we remember to be kind and selfless, often requiring us to look behind the smoke that clouds the vibes otherwise put out there. I dedicate this post to Joshua and Rusty; I hope peace has found you. Peace is the solution, both in this life and after.



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