Maybe it was the DNC?

money doesn’t make the person

Last evening I had the pleasure of a nice meal, a few lite beers and seeing people I havent seen in a while, and meeting someone new too. It was overall a great evening. The new person I met, whose dating someone I value and care about a great deal, was extremely nice, in a genuine sorta way. I also got to spend several hours with a child laughing, blowing bubbles and playing games, it was great lighthearted fun. The restaurant wasnt my fav, only cuz I feel it’s overpriced, with a limited selection of the same old stuff. I’ve lived here six + years and the menus always the same. Get a grip people, change it up once in a while!!! But its a local establishment and I am a firm believer in supporting ‘the little guy’.

And then I was reminded by a flash of a tv screen that the vice president was speaking, and I guess all the Republicans in the patio felt it too. The wallets of the rich tightened up like ocean soaked and sun-dried leather. And really for no reason, its not like the Democrats were sitting around with a mini-vac waiting to suck the dollars from them!? Indeed I betcha every Democrat in the room had their own hard worked and hard taxed middle of the social and economic class $$ of their own. And we spend it freely, and graciously, making what might be a normal run of the mill night for the wealthy, a special occasion to us, cuz the $ isnt easy to earn and its even harder to hold on to and make go farther in these tough times.

As I overheard the banter about money, I thought how funny it is that some things never change. And how money really does rule the World. I wish I could say it was a new lesson, but it was an old situation that has grown tiring. It’s like the family who loves one another grandly, til there’s a death and a Will and the real greed begins to shine through. Money! The almighty dollar!!

Living in a small Southern Florida town mostly populated with snowbirds from Long Island, the Hamptons and other well-to-do northern portions of our great country you’d think I’d be used to it. But it still surprises me how petty and cheap some people can be. It’s embarrassing. And those that are subjected to it arent reminded of their smallness, instead they’re reminded that life is hard and short, and should be shared with those who bring a smile to your heart. So Republicans, just relax and hang on to that wallet, in the end it may be all you have.

But from this proud to be a Democrat, its Friday, a work day, so while I’d love to spend the day at home, I cant, I’ve got to contribute to the middle class so you rich people can rest assured the country will keep running on my tax dollars when you sheepishly grin with your big tax breaks and shove your gold American Express safely back into your Chinos. I don’t want your money, or your attitude. And the next time I will speak up, and oh it won’t be me whose embarrased. Peace!