As the cooler air fills my lungs I am missing New England. While I recently visited Vermont, the trip was too short and I can’t wait until I’m able to spend the entire Summers there. But for now, I’ve returned to Florida where I live and earn a living, enjoying the southern life but dreaming of the perfect life. Not everyone wants to be a snowbird. I’m not on that list. I want summers filled with lakes and mountains, soft grass under my feet and a small cottage or home with a dock, on the water, where I can enjoy sunsets or sunrises, a warm cup of coffee and the precious silence of a beautiful morning. I also want winters absent of mounds of snow, ice and slush. I want to know its 10 degrees somewhere, but 60-70 degrees where I am, where I can go for a walk with the dogs, steal a few hours at the beach, knowing as the temps and humidity rise, I have a secret escape from the perpetual furnace of a Florida summer.

So welcome November! Being stuck in Florida full-time at the moment, it happens to be one of my fav times of year here. So I shall enjoy it. Last night driving with the top down, chillin over cold beers and great gourmet pizza with good conversation, twinkling lights and cool breezes. Nice start to the weekend. And sure beat the hustle of Pineapple Festival. So……. I’ve made a decision recently to be more positive, so in the spirit of that, while I miss you Vermont, we will be reunited soon! I promise. Stay green! Peace.



AGE. It’s just a number. But a BIG one!!

Last week I turned 50.  It wasn’t quite as bad as the year I turned 30, and it might have gone totally ignored, had all of my siblings not traveled to Florida to celebrate.  While I loved their presence and reconnecting with all of them, it did make me realize that FIFTY is significant.  I pondered whether they had all sat around planning the trip, thinking perhaps, “it might be the last time we’re all together like this”.  LOL.  In any event, I’m sure we’ll all be around for a long time to come, but I did realize that this year should be special, and in an effort to take one small step to make the year different, I decided to blog.  Blogging might come easily to most, in this day of high technology, but honestly, it will be a challenge for me. 

So, getting back to age.  It’s just a number, right?  And I should take pride in the fact that most people have told me “you don’t look your age”.  Well that’s great, but what does 50 look like?  Certainly I’ve seen beautiful slim and sexy models and actresses who are 50 and older, who I still consider smokin’ hot.  Is that the new 50?  Let’s not kid ourselves.  50 is a number, and it’s a mighty big one!  You can’t turn on the TV, radio, pick up the daily news, or walk thru the cosmetic department of Macys without being reminded … nobody wants to age, nobody wants to look their age.  Concealers. Anti-Aging Cream.  Gravity Defying Lotion.  Tuck it! Nip it! Spank it!  God, for the first time I realize I hate big numbers!  Age: 50.  Size: 14.  I have been battling big numbers my whole life!!   And Jennifer Hudson, you might believe “Cuz it Works”, but I know that really translates to “if you watch each and every little thing you consume…it works”.  I have a hard enough time watching everything I say, much less everything I consume. 

So for me.  I accept size 14.  It has varied, up and down, and over the years it has shifted from the hips to the waist to bottom, and everywhere in between, but … it remains!  So this year, I vow to accept it.  To accept me.  So congratulations to me and Happy 50th.  I’m Fifty and proud.  I’m Fat and proud.   OK OK politically <auto-correct>.  Chunky and proud.  And like it or not, I’m going to be blogging for a year.  I hope in the coming year I compose a site worthy of followers, however often having been a girl…..a woman….who has marched to the beat of her own drum – giving little credence to what’s the “right side of the fence” – if my blog finds no regular followers, it shall always have one very dedicated observer and participant = me.  Love to all.