The moves, the grooves

Dance. It’s a long honored tradition and a celebratory ritual dating back thousands of years. And if you havent done it for a while, I highly recommend it. Not only is it great exercise for the body ( use it or lose it ); its great exercise for the soul.

When the music is slamming, the lights are dim and bodies are in fluid motion…the world disappears and left in its ugly place is just the music coarsing through your veins!! And after endless months of political banter it was nice to escape that for an evening and enjoy some good ol’ fashion Rock N Roll.

So I wondered how many people dance, you know when they’re not out at a club? Myself I dance at home, when noone is looking and especially on newly waxed wood floors with clean white socks!! I mean who could resist? But I also sometimes dance under the moonlit sky with my girl close, swaying, like back when we were young. And it never grows old, New Hampshire. Florida, its all the same, if you let the music in, the song will follow. I love to dance, and last night reminded me why. Its just pure joy and fun! Whether you’re shaking what the good Lord gave you, or softly sharing the space and moment with someone special, dancing makes you feel good deep down inside. It’s magic here on Earth. And if you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending the ballet or modern dance, or even professional ice skating performances, you understand what I’m talking about and the intense emotional power dance can possess.

But dancing is also fun to observe in a social setting and some of the best people watching ever! Imagine pre-historic times and being present to witness the mating dance of a giant T-Rex, limbs flapping in the breeze!! The proud peacook colorful and struttin’ its stuff!! The badass wannabe gangsta whose got the moves like Jagger!! And let us not overlook the cutest damn couple who’ve shared the same bed for more than 60 years as they hit every beat from the ballroom dancing class taken more than 30 years ago, but who can’t remember where they parked the car. Now that is some of the sweetest shit I’ve seen in years. I love watching people connect, really connect on that kind of level. Two bodies, moving as one well oiled unit. There’s simply nothing better. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more, being with the people or watching the people? It was just what the doctor ordered.

That said, my own knee was well-oiled last night thanks to the miracles of cortisone, and allowed me to really get up close and enjoy the action. Thanks Dr. J, I’m really going to miss you. I even got to jam down on the bass, and it was such good fun! The band was good, although I’m now officially hooked on Studio54 which transported me instantly back to FunkyTown where I found myself humming the tunes for days, still these guys held their own (and a female lead vocalist who carries the night and range of male dominated songs, must always be applauded and recognized). Can’t wait to kick up the heels with them this New Years Eve!

Interestingly, a topic of conversation were dance classes at the community center? Does that make me sound old? And is it the dance lessons part, or the community center part? Well shoot, it might be both. Afterall I am a woman who just discovered the sheer wonderfulness of compression socks! Truth. They are amazing! My legs havent felt this energized in years, and being 50 (and proud of it) it definitely IS the little things that count. So back to the little matter of dance lessons. Should I do it? Another couple is interested, so I (we) wouldnt be alone four fumbling feet on the floor. I’m going to give it some serious thought, cuz it sure looked like fun and this old dawg just might be able to pick up some much needed ‘grace’.

So the next time you have the chance, let the spirit move you. Dance! It’ll lighten your load. Free your soul, and just soar baby, soar! There’s so much we struggle with on a daily basis. Work. Age. Wrinkles. Aches. Loss. Worry. Regret. We all have it, none more than the next, just a different burden, the weight still carried, a constant companion. But We also share something else, we all got but this one life and we should spend more of it with music in our hearts, if we do that, the feet will surely follow. I can guarantee you the smile will.

So……..Have a most beautiful weekend and thank you to our brave veterans who sacrifice so much of themselves in the name of public service. In your honor I devote my morning to public service and helping hurricane Sandy victims. Peace!



One day at a time


I had a great night with great friends celebrating their 13 years together, 13 years of friendship respect encouragement and love; its rare today and beautiful. As I embraced the evening in their honor, I was unexpectedly at a 70s Halloween party with a kick ass band of classics and great couples truly moved by the spirit of the season. Young and old, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip crowding the dance floor and enjoying the moment the night the music and most importantly each other. It was impressive, being witness to the lustful energy of a new 30 year old couple and the life commitment of 70 year old couple still holding each other tight on the dance floor.

I wondered, how many people have this? How many people have it and dont even realize it. And do some never find it? In this world full of competition and expectations, demands and obligations, its hard to mull through the cider to find the perfect apple. But the fruit is there, you just need to take a trip to the orchard and not be afraid to pick it. Its not always the easiest to reach. Sometimes you have to scale out on the thinnest and weakest limb. But the fruit is there, the perfect one for you, the perfect one for me. So dont skip the trip, fill your basket, your soul will thank you. Tis the season to love. Peace

Hot and Horny or Hollow and Heroic?

British authors have long been known for witty humor and absolute genius in the literary world. Others have proven heroic at selling Americans what they want and need, often to put a dent in our otherwise wound-too-tight lives. Harry Potter case in point. A fantasy ride that has thrilled and milked millions in the process. Good for you J.K. (anyone know why these women prefer initials to names?) E.L. James is another example. Oh Erika, youre no William Shakespeare, but can you market and sell the shit out of the pages you produce. The ink’s not even wet (focus on WET) and books are flying off the shelves. Maybe you’re the real reason those cheesey beds were on the stage and showcased as part of the Opening Ceremonies for the Summer Olympics?? Idk, but definitely the thought crossed my mind. Instead of a giant Gryffindor, maybe future ceremonies can host ben-wah balls?!

I must say I’m into the last third of the first book and while I had thought the series had promise (at least to me personally) I’m finding it highly predictable and so very much like the romance novels I refused to succumb to for years! Ms James you hit the mark by peppering the pages with sex scenes (many so unrealistic) that nobody noticed the writing sucks! I guess there was too much sucking and swallowing going on that nobody noticed.

You truly put the cheese in macaroni! Bloody brilliant!

James you are to be saluted though, you are indeed a bright business woman and a mighty rich one as a result thereof. I have nothing but respect for you. Im sure your husband screenwriter and director is already working on bringing your story to the big screen. But you should know there is a real Erika James, professor at Yale Unv Dept of Art, where Im hopeful real brillance will find its birth, and Kindles across the country can stop melting in shame. Like I said, hats off to you woman, youre almost fifty and wrote a fantasy that turned your Naill into the hot millionaire with wavy tosseled hair whose jeans hung off his hips in just that way! OMG. Youre a friggin hero!! Or did Naill just stay the same and the $$$$ made your lives better? And made your sons wonder what’s really behind the locked door? A whore?

And people across the globe have once again started having sex, you will single handedly be responsible for a future baby boom. Of goodie. Oh wait. Most of your readers no longer have working ovaries! So, no worries love.

In one of the worst economic climates in American history, you’ve managed to get millions of women to surrender their hard earned cash. Maybe we all just need the promise of surrender? I’ll keep reading but unfortunately the more I read, the less It ignites me! But being 50 this year I know this is targeted at me, and I can’t help
Knowing what you think a woman my age wants to read, so who am I to miss the mark, millions of bitches cant be wrong, ‘write’? We all want to be possessed and controlled, living with constant jealousy masked by flirtation, oh what Brittish fun! Peace.


I got your number, or not!

My big plan was to sleep in today. Well since Im up at 8am you know that didnt happen. In this case however I was extremely grateful as I had the worst friggin dreams last night. I cant even get into all the details here cuz it was that intricate, and that scrary. For those of you who’ve ever seen The Hood has Eyez, you get the idea.

The one recurring thing was every time I got to a phone, I could only remember one or two numbers!! My cell had been stripped from me, along with wallet, identification, you know everything, you would think my dignity was the most valuable but at that moment it was my memory! And I woke realizing technology has robbed us of the basic skills, since for the life of me My fingers fumbled at the keys scrambling for the numbers to dial. Of course naturally you’re all thinking duh 911. Well this was a dream folks, common sense wasnt a factor!!! And for those of you who truly know me know common sense takes a backseat to traits I prefer to showcase. So there I was looking for help, to be saved, and that led me to try and call the people I most thought would be my “knights in shining armor”. But what were their numbers!!!!!

Moral of the story, use the keypad to dial numbers more often instead of relying on your contacts list, trust me, one day it might come in handy. I’m happy to report the dream was just a dream. However (1) I will be commiting to memory more numbers and (2) I will be purchasing a gun, cuz if you cant find your way out of a bad situation, sometimes theres just one option. And I want to be holding it. Peace.


This little guy was delicious

Today is the beginning of Nutrition Week. A week I definitely should recognize and celebrate. Each time I see myself in a photograph I’m delighted we all use digital technology and that there’s a DELETE button! It’s not even so much about vanity ( of course I dont like being fat, I mean who does?) its more the lack of energy. Is that due to age? Weight? Menopause? Lack of exercise? I dont know but I know I dont like it.

Last nights a perfect example. Had an amazing dinner downtown ( and by the way yellow tail snapper is to die for ); then caught the blue moon rising over the Ocean; some Merlot and Prosecco; a full moon evening swim and I was done for the night. I didnt eat heavy. I didnt drink too much. And still I literally get exhausted. It’s exhausting to be so tired, I hate it. So I want (need) must exercise more and eat better and lose some weight so I can narrow down the cause of ‘who stole the Sharon I know’. If Its just age or genetics or menopause, then I’ll figure out a way to deal with that, but nutrition and exercise is something I can get a handle on, and stop making excuses or taking the easy way out. I dont want to end up on one of those Walmart People emails that get circulated! No sir!! Them people is funny! In a sad way, sometimes in a sick way, but funny! So today in honor of Nutrition week Im going to make better choices, starting with more exercise. Case in point, its a beautiful morning Imup early, and my hands should be wrapped around my bike handles and not this keyboard! So with that…….I’m hitting the saddle. Peace.


I love green grass

Well ISAAC didnt turn out to be much but it did give us some much needed rain. I love it when all the flowers and trees are so vibrant and alive. Its one thing I do like about Florida, you dont experience such amazing beauty like Fall foilage in New England just to watch everything die and turn dismal. So thanks Isaac for the rain and reminding us all to keep on our toes. Also thrilled we kept the rain down south since I’ve got friends cruising Lake Champlain on a 39 foot sailboat celebrating a 50th birthday and had family hiking and others enjoying the Champlain Valley Fair, a childhood Fav of mine!! I’m lucky to have the day off today, so gonna enjoy the rainy day in true “Sharon” fashion. Peace!!


Pool. Not my game.

Last night my wife and I went to our local lesbian bar, Rebar. It had been more than a year since we’d been there, but went to say goodbye to a friend moving back to her hometown of Michigan. The place was dead which was nice, typically a Friday night has ear blasting dance mixes & the place is crawling with men. It was nice there was a small group and I enjoyed seeing old & new faces. Shot some pool and did worse than usual but still took fifty percent of the games!! Luck!! Met a really nice girl and re-met a really nice girl. Our friend moving seems happy to be going
Home, ready to start a new life in an old town. I drank way too much on an empty stomach and turned into an instant asshole since I’m not used to drinking more than a couple of beers. My wife was wonderfully understanding and I owe her a shout out of gratitude. Next time she wont take my advice and buy that last bucket of beers!! But overall I think we had a great night and luckily my asshole button wasnt engaged til We arrived home, allowing the night to be fun. And lucky for me avoiding a pool stick across my head <Thanks honey. In the words of Ralph Kramden: baby youre the greatest Peace!