Tick Tock

They say time waits for no one. This year more than others has shown me this to be true. I cant believe its already May and Im on the backside of 50, in just 2 months I will be 51. The year has flown by like an early morning songbird, sucking the sweet nectar of freshly bloomed flowers. Its been a grand year. I have been reminded that love is what you make of it. That Life has hidden treasures. And one finds them in the smile of their friends. And in the touch of your lover. In the warmth of a summer breeze. In the sweet furballs that pounce amongst your floors, tails wagging. All around me I feel warmth and love, I see life becoming what its meant to be. I understand more than I should, I see behind the mask we all wear.

Time moves both fast and slow. We must remember that time is a constant we all share, hour for hour, its an equalizer. Time is the same for us all.

Some of us get more of it, some of us waste it. But an hour is the same sixty minutes for us all. A month is but a month. Time is always unfolding for each of us. I wish people used their time better. Too many people work too much, too many people work too little. If I had one wish it would be for each of us to have a clock visible to all, showing us how much time we have left on this world. It might make people nicer and kinder; it might motivate people to love stronger, to hate lighter, and to simply appreciate every moment. Your time may be up long before you are ready for it to be! So stop worrying about the lives of others, about what people think of you, about who says what to who. Start loving one thing, thats all I ask, one thing about each and every day. And love it loudly and proudly!! You can do it. Amongst the aches and pains, the bitches you work with, the careless drivers in the road, despite the boss who rides you, the corporate ladder that doesnt recognize you; the kid who doesnt appreciate you; the government who is trying to screw us all … Rise above and love something today, with bright eyes!



New year new challenges


It is indeed a new year. It is indeed the 17th of the month already. I have indeed made few changes in 2013 from 2012. But all is not forgotten or failed. I am commited to being different. I am commited to be larger in life and truer to myself. Last year I did one selfless act a month in all 12 months, some where visible, others quiet beacons of kindness. This year is my year.

This year I will love more. This cannot be done without hand-in-hand forgiving more.

This year I will appreciate the small moments, like the kiss from a long trusted canine friend (no matter how nasty her breath is), stopping to view the sunset, swallowing my pride, giving an unexpected compliment, the joy of reaching a friend when she is called and hearing her voice vs voicemail, the smell of fresh cut grass you didnt have to mow) and the sweet softness that shares a house a bed a heart.

This year I will take care of my body. It will never be perfect, but it can be stronger and better.

This year I will write. A long time passion too easily folded away in a drawer. This year I will write a book. It may be great, it may suck, but in it will be me, each page filled with my thoughts my imagination my unspoken words. Thank you Jack for inspiring someone you never met.

This year I will take less bullshit. This year I will hear less lies and give more sympathy, where it is deserved.

This year I will let children sweeten my world and let go of the bitterness left by another.

This year is going to be amazing. I am fifty (50) and Im never going to be fifty again, so this time is going to count and I will leave a mark of kindness on the world like a soft goodnight kiss and a tattoo of hope. Be yourself. Love and live in the spirit of who you are and who you aspire to be. No one will make you happy, that’s your job. And in this uncertain economy and in this world of uncertain times, it’s the one job you will never lose, so don’t lose sight of yourself. So Sharon, in case you forgot. I love you, you are amazing!


I got your number, or not!

My big plan was to sleep in today. Well since Im up at 8am you know that didnt happen. In this case however I was extremely grateful as I had the worst friggin dreams last night. I cant even get into all the details here cuz it was that intricate, and that scrary. For those of you who’ve ever seen The Hood has Eyez, you get the idea.

The one recurring thing was every time I got to a phone, I could only remember one or two numbers!! My cell had been stripped from me, along with wallet, identification, you know everything, you would think my dignity was the most valuable but at that moment it was my memory! And I woke realizing technology has robbed us of the basic skills, since for the life of me My fingers fumbled at the keys scrambling for the numbers to dial. Of course naturally you’re all thinking duh 911. Well this was a dream folks, common sense wasnt a factor!!! And for those of you who truly know me know common sense takes a backseat to traits I prefer to showcase. So there I was looking for help, to be saved, and that led me to try and call the people I most thought would be my “knights in shining armor”. But what were their numbers!!!!!

Moral of the story, use the keypad to dial numbers more often instead of relying on your contacts list, trust me, one day it might come in handy. I’m happy to report the dream was just a dream. However (1) I will be commiting to memory more numbers and (2) I will be purchasing a gun, cuz if you cant find your way out of a bad situation, sometimes theres just one option. And I want to be holding it. Peace.