I got your number, or not!

My big plan was to sleep in today. Well since Im up at 8am you know that didnt happen. In this case however I was extremely grateful as I had the worst friggin dreams last night. I cant even get into all the details here cuz it was that intricate, and that scrary. For those of you who’ve ever seen The Hood has Eyez, you get the idea.

The one recurring thing was every time I got to a phone, I could only remember one or two numbers!! My cell had been stripped from me, along with wallet, identification, you know everything, you would think my dignity was the most valuable but at that moment it was my memory! And I woke realizing technology has robbed us of the basic skills, since for the life of me My fingers fumbled at the keys scrambling for the numbers to dial. Of course naturally you’re all thinking duh 911. Well this was a dream folks, common sense wasnt a factor!!! And for those of you who truly know me know common sense takes a backseat to traits I prefer to showcase. So there I was looking for help, to be saved, and that led me to try and call the people I most thought would be my “knights in shining armor”. But what were their numbers!!!!!

Moral of the story, use the keypad to dial numbers more often instead of relying on your contacts list, trust me, one day it might come in handy. I’m happy to report the dream was just a dream. However (1) I will be commiting to memory more numbers and (2) I will be purchasing a gun, cuz if you cant find your way out of a bad situation, sometimes theres just one option. And I want to be holding it. Peace.