Mothers Day is on Sunday. Everywhere you look there are commercials and greeting cards and special sales; time to celebrate our mothers. The women who birthed us, cared for us, protected us, taught us. WAIT. Ok I dont get this holiday, I admit it. Nobody protected me or loved me. There are few greeting cards that say ‘thanks for birthing me” so Hallmark get your shit together. First, not everyone is a mother or should be. Second, not every child has a mother, just because they were grown in a womb and delivered through a birthing canal. I have no mother. I was born, but I have no mother. I wasnt adopted and cared for. I wasnt given a chance, I wasnt given anything. Everything I have is because of me! No loans no gifts no guidance no jobs no trust fund no inheritance no love. My mother had sex. That sex resulted in a pregnancy. That pregnancy was me. Mother you live and walk the Earth but your heart is hollow and has left me empty. And empty is this holiday for me. I know many of you, in fact most of you, have reason to count your blessings, you have great moms, or you were adopted and found love, or by the grace of God you have yourselves become moms/thats why I acknowledge this holiday, for you. Cuz to me its just a cruel reminder of what I will never have and who I will never be. Peace.